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What do you carry as your concealed carry pistol?


Arron asked:

For those who carry, what do you prefer for your concealed carry pistol, and why?

I’m specifically talking about caliber, but feel free to provide make and model.


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  1. Gorehound on Wed, 26th Aug 2009 6:29 am 

    1911… There is no better auto for gun fighting. Revolvers are more reliable, however a high quality auto will beat a poor quality revolver in reliability. .45 is the only caliber an average size man should fight with. The .45 has the stopping power to neutralize even those under the influence of drugs. The .357 would not be a good carry round unless you are in the forest. The penetrating power is too extreme for in city use (huge liability). The ever popular 9 mm is a joke, I own a few for women to shoot but in a fight (especially if armor is involved) you would not be very happy. .38, 10 mm, and .40 are all acceptable choices when clothes dictate size. Also, only carry fmj rounds unless you have a target already in mind. Carrying hallow points, Spears, hydro shocks, any specialty ammo has been noted by the U.S. Courts as having no other purpose than to ruthlessly kill instead of neutralizing an attacker. So when carrying daily, only pack target ammo (the best you can buy). You will have to prove self defense, even if you shoot ****** himself, the courts will make you prove the threat and why you used deadly or near deadly force.
    A final note, for carrying concealed you need to know how to use your gun. Train regularly as firearm skill is perishable. Just because you have a gun doesn’t mean you will win a fight. Mentally prepare yourself… if a gun is pulled someone will die, hopefully not you. There is no such thing as brandishing a firearm as a threat. i have seen it work against the person trying to intimidate with showing the possession of a gun. Buy the highest quality (most expensive) firearms you can, your life is too valuable to skimp on a cheap gun.

    I carry the Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Recon.

  2. randy on Sat, 29th Aug 2009 5:55 pm 

    para ord “nite Hawg” in .45acp.
    Why? smallest high capacity .45 made, in a caliber proven to be a manstopper.
    If I need to use a firearm, I want the odds as stacked in my favor as possible.
    shoot safe

  3. rbtar08 on Wed, 2nd Sep 2009 8:03 am 

    I carry a Kel Tec PF9…9×19…in hot weather i use a inside the waistband holster and in cold weather when i am wearing a jacket then i use a shoulder holster or just carry in jacket pocket….i have also tried cargo pants but access is too slow.

  4. BOONDOCK SAINT on Thu, 3rd Sep 2009 2:46 am 

    Believe it or not, a Glock 21 (full size 45.) See in my state you don’t have to carry concealed (you can open carry but I got a IWB holster from black hawk that works for me. So all you may see is the grip of it, unless I cover it (most people don’t pay attention anyways.) Why I like my Glock, well light weight, 13+1 cap of 45 ammo so no need to carry a spare mag with that many rounds. And I like 45 because it is a true proven man stopper.

  5. Bill on Tue, 8th Sep 2009 1:08 pm 

    Regardless of what anyone says, there isn’t a handgun round that’s a guaranteed, one-shot man-stopper unless you want to pack a hand cannon like a .454 Casull, .460 or .500 S&W. The .45 ACP is a good round, but 9 mm is also combat-proven. Surprisingly, the FNH 5.7 X 28 is an effective round, even in the civilian loading (with police or military loads, it will penetrate most body armor).

    I carry a FNH FNP-9. I like the feel, weight, trigger pull and the fact it has a real hammer. Sorry, I’m just not a Glock fan. The 9 mm is a bit easier to shoot (I’m pushing 60) making follow-up shots easier. Plus, I’ve got 49 rounds with which to make my point, considering I also have two extra 16-round magazines. If I need more than a box of ammo, I need to be somewhere else.

    The choice of a CCW is very personal; the .22 you’re comfortable with and will shoot enough to get to know it is better than the .45 you won’t. And that’s the key: shot placement is everything, especially in a high-stress situation. Even a revolver isn’t a bad idea; no safeties, jams, etc. to worry about and they’re among the most natural pointers ever made. A Ruger SP-101 with .38 Special +P ammunition can make a dandy companion.

    As far as ammunition goes, IMHO, FMJ has too much potential for over-penetration. Go with a hollow-point or similar expanding round. If you fired your weapon, you were employing deadly force and shooting with the intent to kill. That’s why they call it “deadly force.” If you were justified in shooting at all, you were justified in using a bullet designed to inflict maximum damage because you were in a kill-or-be-killed situation. As they say, “It’s better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.”

  6. moto#1 on Thu, 10th Sep 2009 4:57 pm 

    i carry a Springfield XD-40 loaded with 165 grain Gold Dot hollow points. why do i carry a .40S&W? because when your in a urban environment you dont want a round that will over penetrate. even though i use a heavier round, it still will have a better chance of not over penetrating. thats why alot of police use it. and the 40S&W has a 96% “one shot stopping” success with the 165 grain Gold Dot round.

  7. rotorhead on Sun, 13th Sep 2009 8:53 am 

    In winter, I carry a variety as jackets allow better concealment. Full sized 9mm, 1911A1, or even a .357. Other times, I just slip a Taurus .38 snub into my coat pocket. Coming out of a theater or store, I simply put my hand in my pocket and I am ready for anyone who might step out from between some cars.

    This is my part of the country.

    My next purchase for CC is going to be a Springfield XD Subcompact. I just haven’t decided on the 9mm or .40 although I am leaning towards the 9.

  8. Lance Boyle on Wed, 16th Sep 2009 9:08 pm 

    I have two that I use for concealed carry. Sometimes I carry a Bersa .380 and the other is a Charter Arms Undercover in .38 special. The reason is both guns are relatively inexpensive and very reliable. Also, because they are on the inexpensive side I don’t mind if they get scratched or there is holster wear rubbing the bluing off.

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