Glock Parts | Todd Jarrett on pistol shooting.

Todd Jarrett on pistol shooting.


GreatLoner asked:

IPSC(International Practical Shooting Confederation) champion teaches how to properly grip a handgun and shoot accurately.

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  1. alby13 on Thu, 25th Dec 2008 10:57 pm 

    excellent. he speaks and teaches so fast! you have to watch this more than once.

  2. Echoboy2002 on Fri, 26th Dec 2008 8:54 pm 

    Fantastic post.

  3. Greenberg31 on Mon, 29th Dec 2008 4:22 pm 

    Five Stars great video. Thank you for posting

  4. anthony9thompson on Fri, 2nd Jan 2009 3:59 pm 

    Sounds bad. We have restrictive laws in OZ but not as bad as you poor buggers in the UK. You would think they could make an exeption for olympic sports

  5. stackedhippiechick on Mon, 5th Jan 2009 2:32 pm 

    I wish I had a model 29 (-:

  6. millercustom on Wed, 7th Jan 2009 10:26 pm 

    Somebody should show him how to shoot…I’m just kidding!! I actually had a chance to meet Mr. Jarrett on a few occasions as well as watch him shoot less than 100 yards in front of me at the most recent Single Stack Classic match in Barry, IL. A true class act of a guy.

  7. Watcher3223 on Fri, 9th Jan 2009 12:04 pm 

    That would be good for a S&W .44 Magnum revolver, but M1911A1 pistols in .45 ACP with a single-stack magazine can hold up to 7 rounds, 8 if there’s a round chambered in addition to a fully charged magazine.

    If you’ve fired all six, you’d still have one or two more bullets left.

  8. stormbringerr0 on Mon, 12th Jan 2009 11:02 pm 

    most competition shooters like 1911 style guns chambered in 9mm

  9. TheOtherVenkman on Wed, 14th Jan 2009 9:08 pm 

    IIRC for most of the competitions it’s .38 Super.

  10. warzer0 on Thu, 15th Jan 2009 12:30 am 

    From what I see he just uses out of the box guns from his sponsor, Para Ordinance.

    This particular video was taken at the Armed Forces Journal Blackwater shootout (Think the E3 expo for guns and military hardware). Given that para was doing that particular segment, I would assume that’s it’s either:

    45 ACP
    40 S&W
    9mm Para

    Those 3 calibers are the only ones that Para ordinance releases it’s guns for at the moment.

  11. DeadeyeSteve on Thu, 15th Jan 2009 10:00 pm 

    +1 It’s almost always the shooter.

  12. peacefuljeffrey on Sun, 18th Jan 2009 2:48 pm 

    What we should always remind ourselves:

  13. homemadealcoholstove on Sun, 18th Jan 2009 11:37 pm 

    how can you tell? Isn’t that the gold Colt emblem on the handgrips?

  14. 1911cal on Wed, 21st Jan 2009 11:19 am 

    Todd is shooting a Para not a colt. The video was shot at Blackwater in Moyock NC.

  15. lmskills8 on Sat, 24th Jan 2009 4:10 am 

    My only question is if he’s using a .38 super or a .45 acp. If that’s a .45 he’s using he has awesome control. Great vid, lots of good tips.

  16. 4638JL on Sat, 24th Jan 2009 12:39 pm 

    You gotta favor this one!

  17. homemadealcoholstove on Sat, 24th Jan 2009 4:04 pm 

    holy crap, thats a lot of Colt 1911s…

  18. elad1860 on Wed, 28th Jan 2009 1:25 am 

    i love it thenks for posting

  19. Xx5tempyxX on Fri, 30th Jan 2009 1:27 am 

    Very very good. Got a new Glock 30 shot it not doin so well at 25 yards thought it might be the gun. This video showed me a ton of things I am probably doin wrong.

  20. karlv777 on Sun, 1st Feb 2009 10:29 pm 

    i learned more in this 4min video than 3 months of practicing by myself lol! awesome thanks

  21. bkindtoanimals on Tue, 3rd Feb 2009 3:10 pm 

    Wow, unbelievable! Thanks for sharing all the tips on shooting. How much fun would if Todd Jarrett was your instructor?? Wonder what he’d charge…lol

  22. KILL1SAVE1000 on Sun, 8th Feb 2009 9:22 pm 

    wow, im going to try this at the range, thank you.

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