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NcSTAR Red Dot Reflex Sight with 4 Different Reticles
E2 Paddle Holster, RH, Glock
Fobus GL2E2 Evolution Series Paddle Holster For Most Glocks Fobus Holsters Are Uniquely Designed.
Standard U.S. Military - Issue Shoulder Holster
Get the real deal! Standard U.S. Military - Issue Shoulder Holster!
Glock 19 23 32 36 Pro Carry LT CCW IWB Leather Gun Holster New Black
Allen Company Gun Cleaning Kit (in Aluminum Box, 60 Piece)
Great Gun Cleaning Kit
Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife with G-10 Handle
Japanese Aus 8A Stainless w/ Black Teflon Finish
MTM Predator Shooting Rest
Two piece unit, equally suited for both rifle and handgun enthusiasts
Armalaser - Laser Sight for Kel Tec PF-9
LaserLyte Glock Rear Sight Laser
Very Nice Alternative Laser


For 32 years I lived in Maryland and could not get a CCP, but moved to a new state and it was pretty easy.

It is hard to understand why some states limit this freedom so much.  I always thought that once I got my permit, I would carry everyday and everywhere I could.  That has not been the case. I find myself  deciding to carry based on where I will be and my perception of how “safe” it is there.  I realise this is not the best idea though. How can anyone know when the bad stuff is going to go down.  I hope I will get more consistent in carrying.


One reason I don’t carry sometimes is because of the laws pertaining to drinking. If one has any beer, just one, that person cannot legally carry a firearm, at least in my state.  I do agree that we don’t really want a seriously drunk person carrying a firearm.  But I think it should be related to the BAC laws.  It would make more sense to me to allow a permit holder to carry as long as he is under the state law concerning blood alcohol levels.  That would mean a person could carry and have a beer or two at dinner.  Makes much more sense to me.