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Shoot to Thrill – Stag Weekends for the Adrenaline Junkie


When you leave the UK with your mates on a Europe Stag Weekend to say, Budapest or Krakow, two of the hottest stag weekend destinations you aren’t just leaving behind your wives, girlfriends, work and family for a weekend’s fun. You’re also leaving behind British gun laws!!!

Get your hands on the spy film sounding .45 Heckler and Koch, the .357 Magnum, the Hungarian F…G B9R, the Czech CZ 75, the Jericho 9mm and the Glock-17. Load them up and shoot’em. Of course you’ll receive full safety instructions and brief introductions to each handgun’s use and history, then you split into groups of four for some high-calibre target practice firing off approximately 70 rounds. There is a competition to finish.

You can shoot a variety of packages with guns particular to Russian guns, Police guns, rifles, or a mix. Also, we offer a variety of bullets from 30-100 for beginner or those wanting to try it without spending much up to those wanting to try it all. They can always purchase more rounds on site if they enjoy it at a low cost.

It gets better. If you go on a professionally organised stag weekend to Krakow not only can you let rip with a range of pistols and even a pump-action shotgun as part of your shooting activity, but there’s even a Kalashnikov AK47 package. Off limits in the UK you and your mates have the rare chance to experience the power and the thrill of a fully automatic weapon.

In addition to shooting real guns at inanimate targets there are many opportunities to shoot replica guns at each other in the form of Paintball and the illegal in the UK Airsoft. Airsoft competitors not only receive Airsoft pistols and smoke grenades but also 1000 bullets. Dressed to kill in full uniforms and protective gear with two-way radios for communication you’ll receive professional instruction and the avid support of a lovely local guide. Lots and lots of shooting tales to be shared around a spit roasted pig washed down with delicious local beer once peace has been restored.

If shooting’s not your thing there are plenty of other action packed activities to enjoy on a stag weekend in Europe. As well as more relaxed gun laws Eastern Europe offers other non-British advantages – plenty of snow in winter, for example. Snowmobiles offer an unforgettable way to discover the Tatras, one of Poland’s most breathtaking mountain regions. There’s also snow rafting and in warmer months white water rafting on the Dunajec River. Talking of *********** – waterskiing, jetskiing and wakeboarding are also all available as part of many professionally organised stag packages – all with appropriate equipment, professional instructors, safety training and even a lovely local guide.

Petrol heads – You can race 200cc karts right to the limit on Budapest’s 820 metre outdoor circuit with speeds of 40 mph or go Quadbike racing in the scenic countryside around the city. Experience the mud, sweat and tears of all-weather quad biking on a purpose-built racetrack. However, the mother of all stag weekend driving activities has to be the Budapest Banger Racing and Crash Derby where you get to race and smash up a load of souped-up racing Trabants, It’s the real deal – each person participates at their own risk and is obliged to sign a waver before the race, so make sure you’re ready to take your life in your hands before you get behind the wheel.

There’s clearly a lot more to Krakow stag weekends and stag weekends in Budapest than just turning up and drinking the local bar dry – especially for those who like a bit of adventure.

By: Josey Walker

About the Author:

Josey Walker – The Founder & Managing Director of party organisers Stag Republic and Hen Nation. Stag Republic have been organising made-to-measure stag weekends abroad and hen weekends in Eastern Europe since 2000. More recently popular destinations include stag weekends in Krakow and Budapest. For interviews, images or comments contact: Josey Walker Stag Republic Phone: 00 3630 34 99 015 Email:


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