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Plastic Guns–the Threat That Never Existed


In the early 1980’s, the Austrian government was looking for a new standard issue pistol for the country’s armed forces. Requirements for the new pistol included ease of use, light weight, accuracy, and reliability.

Glock had been producing equipment for the Austrian army for decades, but had never been in the business of making firearms. At the urging of members of the Austrian military, Glock began research and development on a pistol that would meet the military’s needs.

The result was the Glock 17, a 9 millimeter pistol that utilized new polymer technology for non-stress-bearing parts such as the grip frame. Lightweight and extremely reliable, the Glock 17 was quickly adopted by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

The new pistol also caught the attention of the media, Hollywood and, of course, anti-gun groups. Despite the fact that 86% of the pistol was made from hardened steel, Glock pistols were inaccurately described as being undetectable by airport x-ray screening. For example, in the movie “Die Hard 2,” Lieutenant John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) makes a comment about the Glock being invisible to airport screening devices.

True to form, politicians in Washington seized upon the media hype, and legislation was drafted in 1988 that would ban “plastic guns” that could evade airport screening devices. Despite the fact that no such gun existed then, or will exist in the foreseeable future, congress enacted a ban. Vice President **** Cheney, then a congressman from Wyoming, was one of only three members of congress who refused to ban a gun that didn’t exist.

What does this “ancient history” have to do with 2008? Apparently plenty, at least with regard to the United States Supreme Court. During opening arguments in Heller vs. the District of Columbia on March 18 2008, justices and attorneys were keen on whether an individual right to bear arms would allow “plastic guns” that could go undetected by airport screening equipment.

One would think that such learned men would be above the hype, but apparently the ability to discern Hollywood from the real world is not a prerequisite for graduating from law school.

When congressmen, senators and Supreme Court justices base their decisions upon what is depicted in the movies, it’s readily apparent why our country is headed in a downward spiral.

What’s next to be banned? “Plastic cars” that can evade police radar scanners?

By: Richard A. Baker

About the Author:

Richard A. Baker is the publisher of More information about Glock pistols by Richard A. Baker can be found at Glock Pistols.

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