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Just took my concealed carry class wondering what type of gun to get?

tuesnitedelite asked:

Just took my concealed carry class and taking it down to the sheriff's office to get my license. Wondering why type of gun you would recommend... I want a semi-auto pistol thinking like a 9mm want something reasonably priced because I probably will be getting another gun after I learn to shoot and handle my this one well.

Also know any good web pages to check out or anything of the nature. Thanks.

2 Responses to “Just took my concealed carry class wondering what type of gun to get?”

  1. I would get one that fits my hand nicely and comfortable to shoot. i do like your thoughts on 9mm being a pistol to practice with and then going after other pistols. I own a variety of handguns including 9mm and the 9mm is cheaper to shoot than the rest. That is nice for someone that wants to get familiar with handguns. The .40 S&W and .45 Auto are also nice calibers but as I mentioned before they are a little more expensive to shoot.
    Every company has their own website so you can compare pistols online but it I also like going to my dealer and seeing the pistols in person. That way I can get a feel for them.

  2. dutchcutie68 Says:

    I would segest you would try a few at a shooting range to get the feel of them, they are so personal i would immagine ( i don’t own one) but i would think they are very personal like a pair of gloves or shoes,or a woman LOL, to each their own, also depends on how often you would carry it around etc etc, just get the feel of a few , that is my segestion really

    good luck

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