Glock Parts | How much to pay for a used glock or baretta?

How much to pay for a used glock or baretta?


laughter_every_day asked:

I am considering getting a used compact 9mm. Maybe a glock or baretta or a walther. In good condition at a reputable gun shot what might I expect to pay?

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  1. popeyethesadist on Sun, 21st Dec 2008 3:40 am 

    Glocks are bad ***. As far as a Baretta, you could just get the Taurus. And as far as a Walther pick up a CZ copy of the Browning High-Power. There are many many choices. Star makes a nice verry small .40.

  2. ccbeefmasters2001 on Mon, 22nd Dec 2008 7:18 am 

    in decent condition the Glock should be somewhere between 325 & 400 for a model 19 (9mm). I would also check out the Springfield XD with a lifetime warranty. I prefer them to the Glocks. I have two and have never had a problem.

  3. bee bee on Thu, 25th Dec 2008 11:15 am 

    I don’t have a gun, but need one. But from other Gun owner
    they are pretty expensive. I would say around 500.00 unless they were bragging. You know how people love to have the most expensive,and the best. !!! LOL

  4. hello on Sun, 28th Dec 2008 3:31 am 

    i think u may look at for more informations ^O^

  5. old fuzz on Sun, 28th Dec 2008 5:23 pm 

    Interesting choices. . .

    The Glock will be the least expensive, followed by the Beretta, and then the most expensive, the Walther.

    Try looking for the guns on some of the auction sites: or

    That should give you a good idea of what the used guns are going for.

    One thing to note. All of the manufactures you list make two or three models of 9mm handguns.

  6. on Thu, 1st Jan 2009 4:01 am, Impact Guns, Gallery of Guns.*……> Check these sites for them.*

  7. Asquared on Sat, 3rd Jan 2009 11:54 pm 

    $400 should give you a decent selection of used 9mms, but this of course varies by area. In some states prices are driven up by availability, like in Mass where used Glocks are at a premium because new ones aren’t available to civilians.

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