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I love my Glock 17 and some of the reasons are the accessibility of glock parts.   It is important when you by a handgun to be able to get parts for it as necessary and glock parts are easy to come by. That said, I want to explain the 3 main safety mechanism on the Glock.   The main thing you will notice is the Glock has no external safety lever.   All the safeties will function automatically.  In fact, all the glock parts that are concerned with safety work together and are disabled one by one as you pull the trigger.

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Number 1 is the trigger safety. You will notice if you look at a glock trigger, it appears to have 2 parts. When the middle part is pressed the entire trigger can be pulled.   If the middle part is not pressed first , the trigger will not go back.   This makes the weapon safe if it is dropped or if something catches on the trigger from the side but does not pull all parts back together.   This safety will only be overcome by firm direct pressure on the entire trigger lever. One of the great benefits of this type of safety is that the gun is always ready to fire, yet will not fire unless the user is consciously deciding to pull the trigger.

Number 2 is the Firing Pin Safety. The firing pin is spring loaded and is in a secured position.   It cannot move forward until the trigger is depressed. No firing pin, no discharge.   This is also a great safety feature and prevents the gun from accidentally going off if it were dropped on a hard surface or something like pavement.   Many time guns get dropped when exiting a vehicle and I have personally known a man who was shot dead with his own gun due to this very thing.

Number 3 is the Dropped Gun Safety. As we just said, dropping a gun was a great safety problem of the past.   The Glock incorporates a third safety that effectively places a guard in front of the firing pin until the trigger is properly pulled.   This safety will not allow the trigger bar to release the firing pin, unless the trigger is also being depressed.  In a dropped gun situation, the trigger will not be pulled and so the firing pin cannot set off the round.

These are 3 very important safety mechanisms of the Glock handgun.   Glocks  are very durable guns and can be dropped and even ran over by vehicles and still function normally.   Should you need to replace any parts of the gun, glock parts are easy to come by.  Be safe.

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