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So I finally bought this Light & Laser Combo for my Glock 17. It is much nicer than I thought it would be. I got it for 50.00 shipped from a guy on Ebay and it really looks like a quality item.

Combo flashlight laser sight

Combo flashlight laser sight

This thing is awesome! It was very easy to attach to my Glock and I really like it. The main reason I got it is for my home defense weapon. I was laying in bed the other night and I thought I heard something downstairs. I listened for a while and realized I didn’t hear an intruder, but it got me thinking about my gun. Where was my gun? Okay, I knew where it was but what about a flashlight? Well I knew I had a flashlight in the bedroom as well, but I started thinking about trying to handle both of those while I was creeping around the house looking for an intruder. Now I am not a professional in home defense and I can shoot okay, but not an expert marksman by any means. I decided it would be good to look into getting a flashlight that would mount on my Glock’s Picatinny rail. As I looked for these, I found that I could get a laser sight/flashlight combo.

I really couldn’t find any reviews of these so I decided to just go for it. I found this one for only $50.00 shipped and when it arrived , I was very surprised at how good it really was. The flashlight is so bright and having the red laser dot is a big plus. It has settings that allow you to have either the flashlight, the laser, or both on at the same time. I like having both on.

I feel a lot safer with this attached to my home defense handgun. One of the worst things I can think of would be to shoot someone accidentally in the dark. This will not be possible with my new set up.

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