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Glock 17 pistol: Reference Standard, Part 1


nutnfancy asked:

PART 1 of 4:
Nutnfancy’s review of the outstanding G17 pistol. Mired in un-founded controversy, the superb Glock 17 came to us in the 1980s. It was a ground breaking design that still stands tall to this day. It was the result of a start-from-scratch design by Austrian Mechanical Engineer Gaston Glock who had no previous firearms design experience. Amazing. To this day the Glock semi-auto pistols are Nutnfancys overall standard of measure for any new pistol design (especially in 9mm). When I study a new design I assess it on terms of some straight forward questions. Does it beat the Glock in terms of weight, firepower, durability and reliability, ergonomics, simplicity, availability of accessories, price, and proven track record? Generally the answer is no. Yes there are some great designs out there from other manufacturers and I’m a fan of those as well. But, when the above categories are objectively tallied and considered in their entirety, the Glock design usually comes out on top (at least for my system requirements). That’s an amazing feat for a design that’s decades old. Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 10 out of 10

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  1. clap5 on Wed, 28th Jan 2009 9:31 am 

    I think I decided just going for the G34. My G26 is my concealed carry 24/7. I was just looking for a good sidearm when my rifles run out of ammo if a all out war breaks out.
    About the 4th Gen Glocks…I heard just rumors that it was going to have the upgrades the SF has. But nothing solid. I definately couldn’t find any info that they WILL be releasing. Just all hear say.

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