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Finally got my Concealed Carry Permit


For 32 years I lived in Maryland and could not get a CCP, but moved to a new state and it was pretty easy.

It is hard to understand why some states limit this freedom so much.  I always thought that once I got my permit, I would carry everyday and everywhere I could.  That has not been the case. I find myself  deciding to carry based on where I will be and my perception of how “safe” it is there.  I realise this is not the best idea though. How can anyone know when the bad stuff is going to go down.  I hope I will get more consistent in carrying.


One reason I don’t carry sometimes is because of the laws pertaining to drinking. If one has any beer, just one, that person cannot legally carry a firearm, at least in my state.  I do agree that we don’t really want a seriously drunk person carrying a firearm.  But I think it should be related to the BAC laws.  It would make more sense to me to allow a permit holder to carry as long as he is under the state law concerning blood alcohol levels.  That would mean a person could carry and have a beer or two at dinner.  Makes much more sense to me.


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