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Dr. Ignatius Piazza: Making the World Safer – Through Firearms Training


Dr. Ignatius Piazza – mean anything to you? Maybe Front Sight Firearms Training Institute? Only those without any connections to the professional firearms realm can answer “no” to both questions. Those affiliated with the firearms industry, firearms training industry or movie industry know the name of the former chiropractor who has, in eleven short years, developed the most effective, most luxurious, most famous firearms training facility extant: Front Sight Firearms Training Facility.

Perhaps what sets Piazza and Front Sight furthest above all other training facilities is their focus on how important gun education is and why it is so important. Gun control is vital to a country like ours – founded on a violent revolution, as it is. Our country would never have existed if there hadn’t been knowledgeable, capable people ready to take up arms. Our country’s forefathers would have been utterly incapable without responsible understanding of firearms. Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin and Jay could have pontificated all they liked, but if it hadn’t been for Washington and his men and their knowledge of firearms and effective use, we’d all be saying “guv’nah”, “cheerio” and “bollocks” right now.

In today’s American society, it is a simple matter of turning on the evening news to see how scared many Americans are of firearms. For some reason, we conceive firearms to be an ungodly, uncontrollably destructive force that must be legislated into submission. Not so! It is common knowledge that the vast majority of accidental firearm deaths and even gun murders are committed by those people with no firearm training! Well, perhaps this data is not quite as common as one would hope; perhaps that can be blamed on us, the media. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that we have supplied the public with terrifying propaganda rather than empowering data.

There is hope! It is on the fundamental idea that with knowledge of a subject one also gains responsibility for that subject that Dr. Ignatius Piazza founded and now operates Front Sight. In our day and age, “responsibility” is often treated as a four-letter word, but the responsibility that Dr. Piazza shows us is a downright enjoyable one! Handguns, shotguns, rifles, Glock 17’s, Colt 1911’s, Remington’s, Mossberg’s, AR-15’s, AK-47’s, it doesn’t end! What guy – or gal! – wouldn’t love to be out on the field blasting away at targets, and learning how to make that awesome shotgun sound you hear in the movies so much? (It does sound like that! And it sounds even cooler in real life!)

Not only does one gain responsibility over firearms from Dr. Piazza’s incredible system, but one’s skill dramatically increases! No matter how well any person may claim to be able to shoot, or how much they think that they’re a natural, anyone can learn more about shooting and increase their competency with Dr. Piazza – he’s not a Four Weapons Combat Master for nothing! There is a considerable amount of justified pride in being able to accurately and quickly take out paper and metal targets, and just one weekend at Front Sight will earn you quite a bit of that pride!

Plus, who isn’t attracted to the idea of spending a weekend at a luxury-class resort and learning how to fire, maintain and handle firearms? Your friends’ jaws will drop when you recap your weekend.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight are boons to all of America. His methods are effective, his students are responsible and able, and his theory is sound! What a wonderful experience Front Sight is. Truly do I recommend it to anyone and everyone even slightly interested in learning more about firearms and their effective use. My hat is off to Dr. Piazza and his wonderful staff!

By: Jayden Adams

About the Author:

Article by Jayden Adams, Editor-in-Chief International Newswire.For more information regarding this article go to:Ignatius Piazza Front SightorFront Site in El Mercurio

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