Glock Parts | Croatian Pistols From Free Market to US Civilians (springfield Xd)

Croatian Pistols From Free Market to US Civilians (springfield Xd)


The Springfield Armory XD pistols are one of the most popular pistols on the market, the only pistol that left handed shooters don’t feel left in the cold with. The solid reliable design of the XD pistol makes it a must have for tactical shooters and competitive shooters alike. The polymer design make the XD pistol not only strong, but very light, ideal for concealed carry and law enforcement.

Featuring the 1911 style rear safety and the ambidextrous magazine release, these tactical and affordable pistols are the new up and coming tactical pistols. With Springfield XD available in a wide range of calibers from 9mm, .357 sig, 40 S&W, 45 GAP, and 45 ACP. There is a XD pistol of any users. The Springfield XD was developed with point and shoot ergonomics, to make shooting feel more natural. The key is the grip angle working with your natural body design to maximize your gripping area.

Aside from the Springfield XD’s ease of use and naturally fitting design, the XD pistol has won several awards from groups like the NRA and handgun of the year. 2006 was a pretty outstanding year for XD pistols. With popularity growing, I expect these remarkable firearms to snowball their way to the top of the handgun industry. Featuring the accessory rail similar to Glock and other manufacturers, the Springfield XD is designed for everything from concealed carry to competitive shooting.

Originally manufactured in Croatia by Marko Vukovic, these wonderful went from privately made in 1991 to becoming adopted by Croatian Military by 1999. In the beginning there were some quality issues due to the lack of machinery and quality control, but since imported the bugs have been completely worked out and saw their first American sales in 2002. From the new kid on the block to competitor of Glock, pretty impressive for a five year stretch.

Featuring the easy field stripping ability without tools makes the Springfield XD a great choice for military applications, and first time shooters. The XD pistol is a solid design that makes for safe shooting, with relatively simple features to amateur shooters and professionals alike. After look at one of these pistols and the wide Springfield Armory product like with a fine toothed comb, the only ***** in company’s armor maybe the lack of after market parts. But with the ultra reliable design that shouldn’t ever become an problem.

So what about the torture test, the Springfield XD pistol has done it all from being buried in mud, rolled over by over ten tons, frozen, falling from fifteen meters, buried in sand, and not malfunctions at all. This performance wouldn’t have surprised me if you said Glock, but with the Springfield XD now that is impressive.

Aside from being so user friendly, being left hand friendly, and reliable, the Springfield XD is affordable, with a price tag under five hundred dollars, it’s amazing how a solid pistol is so economically priced. In all my years of working with firearms I would highly recommend one of these outstanding XD handguns to any of my friends or customers. For the future of Croatia these flawless XD pistols are one of the top exports and keep Croatia free, without the former CCCP proxy government to destroy such trades. We can all take advantage of these remarkable times, and support one of our best allies in Eastern Europe.

By: Chad Reimer

About the Author:

Chad R. Reimer is a competitive shooter and avid sport shooter.


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