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Concealed Carry?


Chris J asked:

What are your views on concealed carry? I think it is a wonderful idea. Just think if one student or teacher had a gun at VT, what might have happened. Or if people who are mugged or *****. i doubt that the criminal would get very far if even try if he knew that the person carried a gun. I know people think that if you arm everybody that you are just giving guns to nuts and crazies. i have thought of a solution for this problem. everyone who wants to carry a gun must first pass gun safety and have a psychiatric evaluation before being allowed to handle a gun. Just think about the possibilities of good concealed carry could bring about. A lower crime rate would be the biggest one. What I want to know is what are your views and ideas on this subject? be honest i want to know what you think about proposed idea are there any flaws or things that could be improved. Tell me what you really think.
Thank you my good man. If you don’t believe me just read the first answer to this question and there is a great example of what could be.


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