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C2 Taser: The Compact Civilian Taser Has Finally Arrived


Before the advent of the C2, civilians were limited to acquiring the 34000 Series Air Taser which is bigger in size and less ergonomic in shape. Then, the M18 Taser became available in the market for civilians as well as the M26 Taser for law enforcement. Both models are bigger and resemble the shape of a Glock 17 semiautomatic 9mm pistol. These are too bulky to be carried concealed; although, they possess higher power ratings of 18 and 26 watts, respectively, compared to the Air Taser which only produces 7 watts.

The C2, however, is small enough to be carried concealed with the shape of a hand phaser from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It shoots 2 probes up to 15 feet; although, the ideal distance to your target should be between 5 to 7 feet. The longer the distance, the higher probability that you might miss a human target even though you are aiming at the center mass, the area of the body below the neck and above the hips. The reason for this is that the top needle from the cartridge shoots out at a straight trajectory while the other needle at the bottom ejects at a slightly lower angle, thereby hitting the target with the probes at a distance from each other. This causes the charge to be distributed through the body further. The cartridge itself, which is disposable after 1 firing, propels the probes with nitrogen, an inert gas. This is why the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) does not classify Tasers as firearms.

Since the producers of the Taser does not disclose the power rating of the C2, I am guessing that its power output is between 7 to 12 watts, enough to approximately incapacitate a human being from 86% to 92% of the time. According to the Smith brothers, the founders of the Taser, the stopping power of the C2 is greater than a typical shot from a .38 or 9mm caliber handgun. This device has a less non-lethal dose of charge than the M18, M26, X26, and X29 Tasers since it produces less power. Nevertheless, the family of Tasers is non-lethal, or “less-than-lethal,” type of gadgets as researched and proved by engineers who published their findings to IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) magazine about 6 to 9 months ago. Contrary to what “ambulance chaser” lawyers claim, the effects of Tasers alone cannot kill a person. What distinguishes Tasers from stun guns is that the former emits “T-waves” or a charge that has a similar frequency as a human body’s nervous system. This effect overwhelms the nervous system, thereby paralyzing the subject for about 2 to 15 minutes. On the contrary, the charge from stun guns overwhelms muscle groups, rendering just a part of the body numb for less amount of time.

C2, as in all Taser models, has its limitations also. First, it is an electronic device which is prone to malfunction. Yet, I have yet to see a malfunctioning Taser. It if works the first time, it should reliably work every time. Second, the probes have to penetrate the skin to be effective. If a human target is wearing more than 2 inches of clothing or is wearing loose clothing, the needles might not contact the skin to work. That scenario happened last year in a booking area where my co-worker used an M26 against a combative female suspect with loose clothing to no effect; she just stood upright while being zapped. Third, you are limited in firepower since you can only install a disposable cartridge one at a time, which might limit your options if you are confronted by multiple opponents. But, you can use any Taser as a stun gun after the cartridge is spent.

Weighing the pros and cons of carrying a C2, it is better to have one than not. The Taser affords you distance between you and the perpetrator especially if he or she is armed. A stun gun would be of little or no use at all in that situation. Additionally, the paralyzing effect is instantaneous, unlike pepper spray which takes several seconds to work. If you cannot lawfully carry a firearm to protect yourself, the C2 is probably the next best thing as long as you have a backup weapon, such as a stun gun, pepper spray, or a knife, just in case it fails. A good rule of thumb dictates to never rely on any equipment to function every single time. For good measure, always have a contingency plan!

By: Carlton Straeker

About the Author:

A conservative American with law enforcement and martial arts background.

Peace, love, and harmony…through readiness!

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