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Ankle Holsters for Handguns: Concealed Protection



Ankle holster for handguns are just what you need for that concealed protection when you go milling around places new to you. The need for it becomes more and more important because the world is also becoming more and more dangerous to ordinary people like you. Having one of the lightweight ankle holsters for your ‘little protector’ will surely keep you from all the unwanted worries and troubles around town. And for effective concealment purposes, you can check out different sizes, colors, and designs of holsters for your ankle online; wide varieties of choices are available on the net. Some of the most fashionable ones to carry on your business area or even during recreational activities are as follows:

– C21BA model. This will fit 1911 guns. It is a compact ankle holster that cost reasonably, at around $40.99; although, this price may vary depending on the manufacturer you will find.

– GL26A model. This will fit GLOCK 26/27. This ankle holster will also cost as low as $40.99 but will also vary according to manufacturer.

– GL26ALH model. Will also fit GLOCK 26/27 guns. This is almost the same as the GL26A model but with more specific specification as it is recommended to left hand people. This left-hand light weight ankle holster will cost as low as $40.99 depending on the manufacturer.    

– GL4A model. This best fits GLOCK 29/30 guns. This comfortable ankle holster will cost around $40.99, depending on the manufacturer.

– GL36A models will fit GLOCK 36. With adjustable straps and weigh ultra lightweight, this ankle holster will only cost around $40.99 depending on the manufacturer.

– KT32A models to fit KEL TEC .32, .380 & P3AT ammunitions. This light weight ankle holster will only cost you around $40.99 depending on the manufacturer’s pricing.

– SG3A model is made to exactly fit Kel-Tec P3AT (2nd gen.) guns. This concealable ankle holster is manufactured to help you maximize your protection in as low as $40.99 only. This pricing though, will vary with the manufacturer’s pricing codes.

– MAK1A ankle holsters are manufactured to conceal MAKAROV guns. This will only cost you about $40.99 depending on the brand you acquire.

– SG3A models of ankle holsters are specifically made to keep your SIG/SAUER 230/232 ammunitions when you go downtown or any other suspicious places. Have it on under your pant seams for more or less than $40.99 depending on the brand that will fit your lifestyle.

– J357A ankle holsters are crafted to fit SMITH & WESSON – J FRAME SERIES .38/.357 of ammunitions. These ultra weightless and comfortable gun keepers will cost around $40.99 depending on the brand.         

– SP11BA ankle holster models are manufactured to fit SPRINGFIELD XD 3″, 4″ & 5″ COMPACT guns. These comfortable ankle holsters will cost you as little as $40.99 for quality brands.

– SP11BA models of adjustable straps are specifically made for TAURUS MILLENIUM PT145 PRO ammunitions. These types of ankle holster will cost you as low as $40.99 only although it will still basically be according to brand or manufacturer.

– PPK1A models of ankle holsters are made for WALTHER PP/PPK/PPKS gun types. This comfy ankle holster cost lower than you can imagine, like $40.99 if you are meticulous in searching for effective and efficient gun keepers. 

All of these ensure comfortable all-day wear with just the right leg adjustment strap for lesser leg tension.

By: Heather Jeffries

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