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What is a Glock 17?

Some people would argue that a Glock 17 is the most elegant and simplest handgun in the world. On some issues, I would agree. I thought it was interesting to learn where the Glock 17 got the “17” from. It turns out the 17 is from Gaston Glock’s seventeenth patent. That’s a bit of trivia for you.bullet9

Anyway, Glock was founded in 1963 and started out making curtain rods. They then moved on to machine gun belts, practice hand grenades, plastic magazines, field knives, and digging tools for the Austrian Army. Glock progressed to trying their hand at making pistols for the Army and in 1982 the Austrian Army adopted the Glock 17, which is a 9mm semi-automatic, as their pistol.
One year later, in 1983, Glock established an American plant in Smyrna, Georgia.

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